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Do you have back returns that are unfiled? Are you missing the records and forms necessary to file the returns?

I have the experience and procedures to assist you in reconstructing the records necessary to file the back returns.

The IRS will not allow you to file an offer in compromise or get an installment agreement if you are not current on filing your back returns.

If you have a refund coming to you and you file more than 3 years past the due date, the IRS will keep the refund.

It is important to get your past due returns filed and I can prepare them for you.


Some people can qualify for a settlement with the IRS in which they pay pennies on the dollar to resolve their tax liability with the IRS.

There are three reasons to file an offer in compromise:

The first is when there is doubt as to your liability.  You believe the IRS liability is not valid and feel that the IRS will have difficulty proving it.

The second is when there is doubt as to your ability to pay the taxes owed under your current circumstances.  Most offers are filed under this section.

The third is where taking your assets will create an undue hardship. A review of the facts of your case are needed to determine if you qualify under one of the reasons to file an offer in compromise.

Not everyone will qualify and it is a waste of your time and money to file an offer in compromise if you do not really qualify.

I will not file an offer in compromise for my client unless I believe there is at least a 90% chance of it being accepted.

There are many people out there who will guarantee that they can get you an offer in compromise if you pay them their fee. Unfortunately the client finds out later that they never qualified for an offer in compromise in the first place.

Let me review the facts in your case and I will give you a realistic appraisal of your chances of qualifying for an offer in compromise.


You owe the IRS, don’t have the money to pay them and do not qualify for an offer in compromise, what do you do?

An agreement to pay the IRS back in installment payments can be negotiated.
The payment plan must be one that you can realistically pay back over a period of time while staying current on future tax returns.

You might even qualify for an installment payment of zero if you have no ability to pay on the back taxes.

You will have to agree to stay current on the future taxes. I can negotiate with the IRS to obtain an installment payment that you can live with.


The IRS can file a levy at your place of work or bank. The levy will force your employer or bank to withhold funds from you and send them directly to the IRS.

Levies are usually the result of poor or no communication with the IRS. I get a lot of calls from clients that have had a levy sent to their work or bank. I understand how important a regular paycheck is to my client and their family.

Upon being retained, I immediately contact the IRS to start the negotiation to release the levy. In most cases I am able to get the levy released before any paychecks are lost.


Federal tax liens are a public record stating that you owe federal taxes and are filed in the county you live.

Because the liens are public records they will show up on your credit report. This often makes it difficult or impossible for a taxpayer to obtain financing, even for an automobile or home.

The liens need to be reviewed to determine if they are valid. If the liens are valid, a strategy must be developed to deal with the IRS tax liabilities.

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